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Entrepreneurship: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Strong partnerships will power the state of Michigan through this very difficult economic time. Michigan will undergo a significant transition over the coming years if the state is to stay relevant in the global market, and Michigan’s public universities are at the forefront of this change. The Mott Foundation has provided the initial funding ($2M) for the new Michigan Initiative for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIIE), a consortium of Michigan’s 15 state universities to help rebuild the state’s economy. The goal of MIIE is to help launch new startup companies by partnering university and private businesses with foundations and other philanthropic resources around the state. The consortium hopes to raise and distribute $75M over the next seven years, and the first awards have already been made. The funded projects involve researchers from all 15 schools, and include:

  • New antibiotics to fight drug-resistant infections
  • New types of biodegradable plastics made from agricultural waste
  • A compact, wireless “wearable video system” that could be used by the military for tactical reconnaissance and battlefield awareness
  • A high-volume production process for printed electronic circuit boards
  • The Launch Pad, to stimulate the creation of student-owned business in Genesee County



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