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Community: Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

The mortgage foreclosure crisis in this country is touching every American life in some capacity, so it is no surprise that vulnerable individuals in Washtenaw County are seriously affected. In 2007 nearly 350 mortgage foreclosure sales for senior households were recorded in Washtenaw County. The University of Michigan, as a partner in the Foreclosure Prevention Collaborative, is working with others to develop innovative strategies to reach out and engage residents whose homes are being foreclosed. Members of the Foreclosure Prevention Collaborative are working with the seven senior subsidized rental housing buildings in the area, in anticipation of a flood of seniors in need of alternative housing. The Collaborative is also providing financial literacy training and one-on-one counseling to seniors. The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation is supporting these efforts to reach out to our community’s senior citizens and come to the aid of those whose lives have been suddenly and irreversibly changed.

Community: Ford Foundation

Race and gender inequality are contested topics that find their way into our schools, our offices, our living rooms, and into our courts of law. The Ford Foundation in New York has enabled a study by faculty in Psychology, Education, and Social Work in which intergroup dialogues are used to bring together an equal number of students from two identity groups to explore their own and the other group’s identities, analyze how power and inequality affect members of both groups, and examine ways to bridge the intergroup differences. These studies have demonstrated that participation in intergroup dialogues fosters active thinking, understanding institutional and other structural features of society that produce and maintain group-based inequities, and preparation for citizenship.

Community: The Skillman Foundation

The Skillman Foundation’s commitment to sending more Detroit teens to college is the reason that the Foundation supports the University of Michigan’s efforts in the Multicultural Engineering Programs Office (MEPO). MEPO manages a unique program called the Summer Engineering Academy, which aims to improve math and science performance for 7th through 12th graders. The Skillman Foundation’s grants to the Summer Engineering Academy have helped to attract Detroit area middle school students to the program, and maintain strong diversity in the student population served. The Summer Engineering Academy offers residential and apprenticeship programs that offer plenty of hands-on experience and instruction in mathematics, computer science, engineering, communication skills, technical writing, and research protocols. The Academy has a tremendous record of improving student academic performance and preparing students to pursue college degrees in math, science, and engineering.



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